Meet Holly C. LaBarbera

I was a writer long before I knew I was a writer, as a young pen pal with my Grandma, corresponding with her about boys and books and everything else of importance. I remain dedicated to snail-mail, single-handedly attempting to keep the US Postal Service up and running by sending handwritten cards and letters to friends and family, much like Kai does in All I Know.

I love to read and am old-school on that, too, enjoying the feel of holding a book in my hands and turning actual pages, so much warmer than yet another screen.

I began my formal creative writing career with a lightning bolt of inspiration for my first book, the as-yet-unpublished Five Days, followed by All I Know. I am currently revising my third novel. Participating in the Community of Writers Workshop in 2018 significantly contributed to my growth and development as a writer both during my time there and through ongoing connections with other amazing writers who have become critique and accountability partners, both in formal and informal writing groups.

I received my MA in counseling psychology from Santa Clara University, where I currently teach as an adjunct professor. I also run my own psychotherapy practice, spending my days exploring relationships—learning what brings people together, keeps them together, and pulls them apart. I witness brave journeys of self-discovery and see the difficult choices people are called upon to make, all of which I hope brings truth to the characters I write and the journeys they undertake.

I was born in Hawaii, grew up just north of New York City, and now live outside of San Francisco. I am equal parts New Yorker and California girl, a loyal fan of the Yankees and the Golden State Warriors.