All I Know is a story of strength and resilience, rising from devastation to build and rebuild a life, over and over again. It is a love story between Kai and Josh, yet goes beyond romantic love to encompass the many forms love takes, exploring the depth of sibling bonds, the power of female friendships, the complexity of parent-child relationships, and the importance of loving oneself.There are themes of struggling with mental health issues including addiction, codependency, depression, trauma, grief, and the ways in which our families of origin impact our adult relationships.

At the beginning of the book, Kai is a child who is certain of everything. As she experiences trials and trauma, she begins to doubt it all—her parents, herself, the viability of love itself. She comes of age trying to integrate the things she knows with the doubts she has, and to cultivate the faith required to move through the world in a meaningful way. Throughout the novel, Kai’s connections with other strong women are as much a guiding force as her relationship with Josh, the boy she’s always loved.

Ultimately, All I Know explores the heartbreaking truth that as much as we try to help the people we love, we can only truly save ourselves.