A Look Back

February 15, 2023|Writing|

A few thoughts popped into my head this weekend while I was going back in time to scrapbook pictures from 2020. First, and most importantly, kittens are the absolute cutest things. Of course I knew this already, but I still can’t help being overcome with the adorableness of photo after photo of their sweet little faces. Welcoming [...]


February 1, 2023|Writing|

Last year around this time, I became aware of people using words instead of resolutions to set intentions for the new year. I had already set my New Year’s goals, but I started thinking about what my word would be if I had done that instead. The word surrender occurred to me, but I pushed it away. [...]

A Trio of Words

January 24, 2023|Writing|

For this second installment about my words of 2023, I will share three that I am grouping together in my mind this year. Health is the first of this word trio. A New Year’s cliché, obviously. For me, health encompasses moving more and eating healthier…yada, yada, yada. I have some specific goals and plans for being healthier, [...]

Learning through Imagination

October 17, 2022|Writing|

Non-fiction teaches us through information and fiction teaches us through imagination. I heard this during Glennon Doyle’s We Can Do Hard Things podcast with Celeste Ng, talking about her new book, Our Missing Hearts. I’m only half-way through the podcast, and they haven’t even started talking about the new book, but this brilliant reframe from the common [...]

Summer 2022

August 16, 2022|Writing|

I had an amazing summer, full of travel, which I always love. Yet these particular trips and all that they encompassed made the past few months truly special. They contained beauty and connection and chaos and peace…some of my favorite things! My first trip was to Kauai in June with my extended family…thirteen of us together for [...]

Memory Lane

August 8, 2022|Writing|

I am just back from a week in New York, a trip to my home state that evoked some particularly vivid memory moments, the first of which occurred on my drive from the airport. For logistical reasons that would be boring to write about and even more boring to read about, I drove from JFK (worst airport [...]

Strange and Wonderful Things

June 8, 2022|Writing|

I spent the past few nights watching season four of Stranger Things and loving it at least as much as every other season. Don’t worry…no spoilers here because this isn’t about the gripping and phenomenal storytelling. This is about the relationships…the thing I always come back to…the thing that makes or breaks any story for me. These [...]

Hope and Despair

January 11, 2022|Writing|

I went to a wonderfully unique art exhibit the other day called The Art of the Brick, featuring Lego creations by Nathan Sawaya. Some of the pieces described the artist’s thoughts and inspirations, many of a philosophical, existential nature. Guess who loves that? The piece I’m picturing here was called Decisions and the artist described it as [...]

Wrapping up the Christmas Feels

December 22, 2021|Writing|

Hopefully you’ve been watching Christmas movies and listening to some of my favorite holiday songs. And obviously, there are other wonderful things to see and hear during December…lights and decorations, bells and train whistles. But what about the other senses? The pine scent of the tree, or maybe a candle, if your tree is artificial. The one-two [...]

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