I’m not sure if this is a blog or merely a random reflection on Halloween. Although, come to think of it, that’s pretty much what a blog is, right? Random reflections on things?

My festive Halloween started a few weeks ago when two of my three sons were home and decorated our house while I was at work. One of them then asked if we could carve pumpkins, so I picked some up and while I carved the standard triangle eyes and nose, they both created unique designs, as did my husband, all more creatively inclined when it comes to pumpkins. Unfortunately, our heat wave dissolved our pumpkins before Halloween, but that’s beside the point. The journey back in time to create jack-o’lanterns with my twenty-something kids is the point. The fact that I was so happy they’d asked is the point.

Last year, I was an empty-nester, and I was sad. I didn’t even want to give out candy last year. Last year was the year my husband manned the door, which brings me to another fun observation. A few years ago, my husband embarked on a second career as a math teacher at our neighborhood junior high, so now he has students that come trick-or-treating at our house, and he loves it. They love seeing him. He’s a favorite teacher at the school, and he teaches math! It’s a new side of him that I love and appreciate, his connection with these twelve year old kids. And by the way, I was happier this Halloween, and even dressed up as a pirate to answer the door once in a while, when my husband let me.

I’m also reminded of hope and resilience and focusing on what is really important this year. I know people who’ve experienced a lot of loss this year, people who are without those they care about this Halloween, people who are facing real adversity. And yet I saw pictures of them dressed up and smiling yesterday, making the most of what is still present in their lives, making the best of things.

One of those people was Stephen Curry. I love the Curry’s! Don’t get me started! The Warriors are my team, but I love Steph and his family for more than basketball, which was exemplified yesterday.

The day before Halloween, Steph broke his hand. Now, our team was already on the ropes, it was already looking to be a rough season, and now Steph is out for who knows how long. You’d think he’d be angry, depressed, discouraged (my family was!). And he may well be. But on Halloween, he was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, matching costumes with his family who were all Toy Story characters. He was laughing and smiling and present for his kids. He was living what was important rather than focusing on something he couldn’t control…a broken hand.

I have a tattoo that I copied from Steph and his wife Ayesha, reminding me to live in the present moment. And I guess that’s what these random observations have in common. I was happy in these moments because I was in these moments. I’m aiming to maintain that this holiday season. Wish me luck!