I Simply Cannot Do It Alone

July 2, 2024|Writing|

I’m flying home from Orlando, after finishing the initial leg of my very first book tour, and I have the song “I Can’t Do It Alone,” from the musical Chicago stuck in my head, particularly Velma Kelly’s line, “I simply cannot do it alone.” I’ve talked quite a few times during these author events and on podcasts [...]


April 30, 2024|Writing|

Bad endings to stories bother me. Whether it’s getting through three hundred pages of a novel or two hours of a movie or a season of a series, it crushes me when they don’t stick the landing. This has always been true, but it’s become even more apparent as I’ve started writing. This topic comes up in [...]


February 27, 2024|Writing|

A new addition to my 2024 morning routine is reading a daily reflection from a book called Everyday Mind. There are already quite a few dog-eared pages that particularly resonated with me, but one reflection written by Joseph Goldstein reached the level of blog-ability. He reflects on getting lost in our thoughts, emotions, stories, and plans, and [...]

End of an Era

January 16, 2024|Writing|

I am a person who appreciates the measure of time. I embrace a new year with the setting of goals and the envisioning of fresh starts. I actively mark the occasion of my birthday with celebrations great and small. Granted, sometimes that’s to take the edge off a big number, but usually it’s to celebrate another spin [...]

Taking Care

November 8, 2023|Writing|

Work was rough last week. I had many clients who were sad, in pain, deeply struggling with heartbreaking circumstances. I’m usually pretty skilled at being empathetic with clients in session and then leaving those feelings behind at the office. It’s not perfect, and clients do sometimes stick with me after their sessions, but for the most part, [...]

Queen Charlotte: More than a Bridgerton story

June 5, 2023|Writing|

Queen Charlotte is touted as a Bridgerton story, so I thought I knew what to expect. Yet I found it not to be the same type of story at all. Sure, there are familiar characters. There are balls and gowns and steamy sex scenes here and there. Yet this is actually a serious story, not the guilty [...]


May 17, 2023|Writing|

I am writing a second installment about the Bay Area Book Festival is to rave about the conversation between author Dacher Keltner and Shawn Taylor, a wonderfully charismatic interviewer. Keltner is a professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and one of the world’s foremost scientists of emotion. He was talking about his most recent book, Awe: The [...]

Book Fest Surprises…good and bad

May 9, 2023|Writing|

This is a good news, bad news, good news story. I went to the Bay Area Book Festival this weekend. That’s the good news because I love the book fest, and it didn’t disappoint, with great author talks sparking interest and creativity about a variety of topics. The first time I went alone to Berkeley to check [...]

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