Praise for the Book

For Kai, it’s a journey of learning self-love, worth, and understanding her own needs and boundaries. Watching her grow, watching them all grow, the characters felt so human, the dialogue and the problems that erupt are realistically portrayed. The feeling is akin to watching your best friend go through some awful things and you can only do so much to help, so you lay there in bed, unable to sleep from worrying about your friend.”

– Cozy with Books Blog

“A heartbreaking yet uplifting story of the perils found in all families. LaBarbera deftly shows how childhood wounds and mental health challenges impact adult relationships. Protagonist Kai’s struggles will resonate with readers, as will the resilient human spirit that allows her to find hope, to overcome, and to grow into an ever-better version of herself.”

Robert Dugoni, critically acclaimed New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and #1 Amazon bestselling author of the Tracy Crosswhite police series, which has sold more than 8 million books worldwide and the coming-of-age standalone novel The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

“All I Know captures one woman’s heart-wrenching journey in coming to terms with her past, the trials of two, close-knit families increasingly caught in the web of addiction, and the ongoing struggle to overcome a heartbreaking loss. At its core, it is also a gripping tale of an epic love rooted in childhood, the quest to overcome mutual demons, and the courage to transcend dependency to embrace the possibilities of a new kind of love reborn of mutual respect, resilience, and humility. Readers will root for Kai (and Josh) every step of the way!”

Susan Dugan, author of the short story collection, Safe Haven

“Every so often, a book will come along that just sounds too good to miss…

This was a strong debut novel and I’m glad I got to read it. It’s not my usual read but I’m a sucker for anything with twins in it. This was definitely an emotional read and one that deals with dark topics. It’s a book about the human experience and I loved how realistic it was willing to get. These felt like real characters who had flaws and real feelings. This is great for anyone who sways towards character over plot but that’s not to say there isn’t a story here. It’s just that the focus is on the characters, which is what appealed to me. This is the kind of book that will stick with you. ”

– MotherBooker Blog

“In All I Know, Kai’s heartbreaking journey asks us to confront big questions about family and personal trauma: What happens when the people we love hurt each other? How does that shape our relationships with others and with ourselves? How do we move forward when we can’t forget the past? LaBarbera’s characters are as funny as they are flawed, and I couldn’t look away from their struggles to love each other as much as I loved each of them.”

Claire Boyles, author of Site Fidelity, 2022 Whiting Award Winner in Fiction and Longlisted for the 2022 PEN America/Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Short Story Collections.

“A tender, thoughtful and heartbreaking story, ALL I KNOW is a snapshot of the inner heart. You will fall in love with Kai, a child struggling to decipher the complicated messages that come our way in route to adulthood. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s compelling through and through.”

Lee Kravetz, author of the novel The Last Confessions of Sylvia P. as well as acclaimed nonfiction, Strange Contagion and SuperSurvivors

All I Know is more than a family drama, more than a love story, though it is also both. It’s a moving novel of picking up the pieces after a family tragedy, contending with loss, talking to ghosts, and fearlessly pursuing love and happiness. Kai Martin, the novel’s heroine, reminds us that true connections can never be broken — not by time, change, or even death. Hopeful and unforgettable.”

Caroline Kim, author of The Prince of Mournful Thoughts and Other Stories, which won the 2020 Drue Heinz Prize in Literature, was long listed for both the PEN/Robert W. Bingham Prize and the Story Prize, and was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award and the Janet Heidinger Award for Fiction

“..a book that amplifies the great feeling of success at knowing the human spirit is resilient….the author does a brilliant job at explaining how and why Kai makes the decisions she makes, and even if the reader would choose a different path, Kai’s point of view is understandable….the characters are very well developed with care and great depth. Not only are the characters well developed, the feeling the reader gets of family in the book is also deep. When some of the family–real or chosen–are not there, the reader feels the void.”

LitPick review

“LaBarbera (Five Days) deftly manages her serious themes of family dysfunction and shared trauma, presenting with sensitivity and realism the key moments that change lives…Her depiction of the complexities of the dynamic of friends who become extended family feels authentic and compassionate. Descriptions of the natural beauty…offer some of LaBarbera’s best descriptive prose.”


“Young members of intertwined families forge a complicated bond in the tense coming-of-age novel All I Know. Early on, the book lingers on one-on-one interactions well, emphasizing its aching inter-family ties…the story is driven by the choices that each of the characters makes, with their complicated family intimacies best established via Kai’s maturing perspective.”

Foreword Clarion Review

“The author does a nice job handling a time span of several decades and a large cast of characters without allowing the reader to become lost.The timeline skips several years at different times, yet the reader is kept current through a series of letters that Kai writes as something of a catharsis, letters that help the reader see into Kai’s deepest emotions and understand the inner turmoil she is carrying.”

LitPick review

“Author Holly C LaBarbera has crafted an emotionally charged journey that will give fans of women’s fiction everything they could hope for in terms of heartfelt drama, realistic character portrayal, and intriguing emotional challenges in the plot. LaBarbera skilfully portrays the intricate dynamics of families, love, and resilience and I was impressed by the authenticity of the dialogue and its natural, unique style for each major character…
This is a highly recommended read for fans of deeply felt, resonant drama everywhere.”

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