This is the view out of my new office window (previously my guest room, now my at-home office). My husband won’t like that I’m posting this picture because if you look closely, there are more weeds than intentional plants, but that’s part of the reason I’m posting it…because I’m overlooking the weeds. I’m looking at the Blue Magic Iris blooming in front of me, my favorite flower, an integral part of my wedding arrangements years and years ago. I’m also looking at the Bird of Paradise, which always makes me think of Hawaii, probably just because of the name because I’m not sure these actually even grow in Hawaii.

My point is, it’s a pretty view. I am grateful for this view. I’m grateful for a lot of things these days, despite the fact that there are obviously a lot of negatives to think about—stuck in our houses, avoiding a deadly virus, loss of income, the leaders who are guiding us (or not) through this crisis—and what all of that means for our future, individually and as a society. I am absolutely not saying these worries aren’t valid or serious because they certainly are.

Yet I am also increasingly aware of the power of gratitude in determining how we move through this crazy, unprecedented time (and all times, come to think of it). Returning to a past blog, this is a moment when we get to choose how we respond to a situation in which we can only control so much.

So here is what I’m grateful for right now. I’m grateful that I can do my job from my guest room, that clients are showing up and I feel like I’m helping them, which gives purpose and meaning to my days. I’m grateful that I have a home that gives five adults space to live and work without driving each other crazy (so far!) and that I have the resources to cover my expenses through all this. I’m grateful that we have plenty of food and wine (good timing on the Paso Robles wine tasting girls trip to stock up!). I’m very, very grateful that the people I love are all healthy, safe and well.

I’m also grateful for the little moments that are making my days unexpectedly lovely. A group text chain of seventy-two messages I woke up to on Saturday from my Squaw Baes, which got me back on track with writing. Playing Imaginiff via FaceTime with my boys and my sister, niece and nephew in Florida. Descending into a Broadway/showtune/Lin-Manuel/carpool karaoke YouTube rabbit hole last night with my husband. Listening over and over and over again to my son’s newly released EP (insert plug for Original Issue In God We Trust, available on iTunes and Spotify and here and watching his InstagramLive concert broadcast from my garage on Friday night, followed by a zoom chat with our Tahoe cousins crew.

So it’s not all bad. Some days are certainly harder than others, but when I can summon the gratitude, I feel better. I highly recommend it.

What are you grateful for? Amidst the weeds, where are the flowers in your life right now? I’m sure they are there…just maybe gotta dig for them a little more than usual.