Friday was a great day!

I didn’t win the lottery or go on a trip or even sleep in particularly late, yet it was a great day, so of course—me being me—I had to analyze and contemplate what made it so great, what made me feel so happy.

The short answer is people.

People combined with normalcy.

Don’t worry…I’m also going to give you the long answer, because that short answer makes for a very short blog!

I typically don’t work on Fridays, preferring to work four long days and keep my three-day-weekends intact. The day started in its typical way, the way that makes me smile most mornings since September. My Leilani jumping up on my bed and cuddling with me, purring, licking my face, letting me pet and nuzzle in her soft fur. I love waking up to that!

Later that morning, I had Pilates class, which I have recently resumed going to in-person. I appreciate that our teacher has offered zoom classes for most of the pandemic, and I took advantage of them for a few months. But I get so sick of zoom! Virtual therapy, virtual book club, virtual socializing, virtual games. I’m thankful for it, and I am so sick of it! Exercising on zoom just felt less and less appealing, and I did it less and less. Also, the intangibles that I realized I loved about my class just didn’t translate to zoom…the accountability of Aileen expecting me, the camaraderie of classmates, the great music. It makes me happy to be there.

After class, I headed off to meet with my writing group, for the first time in over a year. Again, we had some zoom meetings but just not nearly the same. We’d all been vaccinated, so we met in person, in Caroline’s backyard, and snacked and had some wine and chatted and then, eventually, critiqued some writing. The whole afternoon was wonderful. I appreciate these women’s honesty, vulnerability, friendship and support so much. We each give and receive criticism with generosity and grace. I learn and grow from being a part of this circle of writers, from knowing these women.

So I worked my body in the morning and my mind in the afternoon.

On my way home, I stopped in to say hi to my niece and see her new apartment. I talked with my sister for the forty-five minute drive home, having talked with my mom on the lengthy drive to Walnut Creek earlier.

Connection, connection, connection.

It fills me up! It gives me energy! It makes me happy!

I ended the day watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier with my family. More connection. Watching a show we all love, then exploring together how we think it will all turn out. Oh, and a game in there, too.

C’mon…other than your wedding day or Hawaii, what could be better? It is so often the little things, don’t you think?